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North Central Ohio Educational Service Center is embarking on a new venture by seeking ways to help our area school districts and other political subdivisions reduce their costs while maintaining and improving their services and purchase activities by introducing and facilitating the new
North Central Ohio Regional Council of Governments (NCORcog).
  • A COG is two or more political subdivisions (cities, counties, villages, townships and school districts) collaborating to form a governing structure that will mutually benefit all of the COG members
  • By having your school district, city, county, village or township join the COG, there is a strong potential to reduce your cost by sharing services and purchases--but only where it is beneficial to your organization.
  • Any political subdivision below the state level can become a member.
  • Membership in a COG is completely voluntary.

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For more information, contact:

John Davoli

NCORcog Director

419-447-2927 x136